About Me

Hey there, my name is Dale K. Ryder and I am the person behind Tankless Water Heater Lab. I have great experience with the tankless water heaters. I have installed hundreds of tankless water heaters to different clients and through the years, I have become more experienced and knowledgeable with the tankless water heater. If you are looking forward to learn about tankless water heaters and even buy one, then you have come to the right place. Thank you for making time to come to this site, I am certain that you will not be disappointed.

Why Tankless Heaters?

What if I told you that you can be able to save up on the energy costs and get hot water round the clock? Well, this is possible with the tankless water heaters, which have so many advantages over the traditional water heaters that come with a storage tank. With storage tank water heaters, the water is heated up as long as the unit is turned on. Even when you are not using the water, it will still be heated and this takes up so much power.

With the tankless water heaters, you will only have water heated when you need to use it and this how you will end up saving up on the costs of the energy used. As you would gather from the name, the tankless water heaters do not come with a storage tank and they are quite compact. The advantage is that you will not need too much space to have the tankless water heaters installed. The water is heated instantly and this will save up the energy costs as the units are known to be energy efficient.

Make the Switch

If you are still stuck with the old water heater, it is time to make the big move. You need to consider getting a tankless water heater so as to enjoy the tons of benefits that it brings along. This is a long term investment and you should not be discouraged by the price tag, as you will end up saving thousands of dollars eventually.

With an energy efficiency of up to 95%, why would you still want to use the traditional storage tank water heater and pay hefty bills every month? You should not pay so much attention to the initial price that you will pay for the tankless water heaters, but keep your mind focused on the savings that you will start making and also the fact that you will have hot water on demand. You will also be able to free up the space in your basement or laundry room as the tankless water heaters hardly take up any space. I have worked with so many clients in the past and all of them are happy to have made the big switch to the tankless water heaters.

So what will you Get Here?

While we do not sell tankless water heaters, directly, this is the best place to learn about the best tankless water heaters and any other essential information. Here you will find professional reviews, guides, tip and tricks and other blog posts that will enhance your knowledge on the tankless water heaters. This is a place that covers it all and we will be ready to answer all your questions and concerns at all times. We also have a wide network of technicians who will provide professional information about the tankless water heaters.

Feel free to drop a comment, question or any other thing that you may want to share with us. We will be glad to help you in the best way possible. Go out and get your tankless water heater right away. All the best and keep it here.