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Having a continuous supply of hot water would be ideal, especially if you will not have to consume a lot of energy.This is what you will get with the tankless hot water heater and this guide is meant to help you find the right units, which will serve your needs in the best way possible. The beauty of these heaters is the fact that you will get hot water instantly, without having to wait, like with the conventional models. These on demand hot water heaters are ideal for any environment as far as getting hot water goes.

There are so many models of tankless water heaters on the market and find the right one may be a challenge for most homeowners. In order to buy the Best Tankless Hot Water Heater, you would need to compare various models and also look at the numerous tankless hot water heater reviews so as to make an informed decision. Since we are aware that it can be quite a hassle to get the right unit, this guide will come in handy.

In this Tankless Hot Water Heater review article we will cover:

You can find the best tankless hot water heater with the help of our tankless hot water heater reviews. There are quite a number of models that are out there on the market and this can be quite confusing. We have taken the time to review the top rated tankless water heaters that you can choose from.

Eccotemp L5 Tankless Water Heater w/ Flojet Pump & Strainer

Eccotemp Tannkless

The Eccotemp L5 portable tankless water heater is one of the best options out there. The fact that it is portable means that you can use it at any place and get hot water. This model has the capacity to produce 1.5 gallons per minute of hot water. This water heater comes with a Flojet water pump that will ensure you get the right pressure of water at all times. The Flojet inlet strainer, on the other hand, ensures that your showers are always clean.

As far as convenience goes, this portable tankless water heater has it all as you can easily carry it around from one point to another. If you are an outdoor person, then you should seriously consider getting this unit as it will ensure that you have hot water at all times. There is a spark generator which is ignited by the 2 D cell batteries when you need to use the water heater outdoors. You need to ensure that there is adequate water pressure to be able to use this water heater.

The Eccotemp L5 portable tankless water heater has a temperature range of 80° F to 140° F and this gives you the option of being able to adjust the temperature according to your preference.

Eccotemp L5 Tankless Water Heater Features

  • This portable tankless water heater comes with a 20 minute shut-off feature. This is a safety feature and will automatically turn off the heater if it is not being used.
  • The water heater comes with a Flojet pump which will ensure the water pressure is consistent while the Flojet inlet strainer will sieve any debris and residue to give you clean showers.
  • The spark generator relies on the 2 D batteries which will ignite it so as to keep the water heater running as required.
  • The Eccotemp L5 portable tankless water heater and the outdoor shower has a compact design and is easily portable. You can make use of it outdoors, as long as you have a propane gas cylinder and high pressure water.
  • The temperature range setting is from 80° to 140° F and there is an option to adjust the temperature accordingly.

Ecosmart ECO 36 36kw 240V Electric Tankless Water Heater

Ecosmart ECO 36 36kw 240V Electric Tankless Water Heater

Ecosmart electric tankless water heater is one of the best models that you will ever come across. This is one of the biggest models of the tankless hot water heaters on the market and as such, you can use it to supply several faucets and shower heads, with hot water simultaneously. The flow rate of this unit is 3 to 8 gallons per minute, which is influenced by the external water temperature. It comes with a self modulating technology, which is quite impressive and will adjust the temperature accordingly.

There is a feature that will also allow you to regulate the temperature of the water and you can go as low as 37° F. The temperature control feature allows you to adjust the temperature with 1 degree increments and as such, you cannot get extremely hot or cold water, abruptly. Besides being able to supply a number of locations with hot water at a go, you will be able to save up to 50% of the average energy used for heating up water.

Unlike the other smaller models which can serve a single shower head or faucet at a go, the ECO 36 tankless water heater has the capacity to service the entire house with hot water. As such, you will not be forced to buy several units of the instant hot water heater. This is a good consideration when it comes to finding the best tankless hot water heater.

Ecosmart ECO 36 Electric Tankless Water Heater Features

  • One of the most amazing things about this eco 36 tankless water heater is the capacity that it has as it has a flow rate of 3 to 8 GPM. This means that you can get up to 8 gallons of hot water per minute.
  • Besides being one of the largest units, the ECO 35 tankless water heater has a compact size and as such, you will not need too much space to be able to install it.
  • The temperature range setting for this tankless hot water heater is 37 to 150° F, which is quite a wide range to accommodate the needs of different people.
  • The self modulating technology is what makes the Ecosmart electric tankless water heater convenient and allows it to provide hot water on demand.
  • There is a digital temperature control, which will allow you to adjust your temperature as you would please. The control has 1° increments.

Takagi T-KJr2-IN-LP Indoor Tankless Water Heater, Propane

Takagi Hot Water

The Takagi indoor tankless water heater is a propane water heater, which means that it heats up water pretty fast. It comes loaded with quite a number of modern features and as a result, you will be able to get a constant supply of hot water. This model has a flow rate of 6.6 GPM and this means that you can get up to 6.6 gallons of hot water per minute. The propane produces 144,000 BTUs and this is what heats up the water instantly.

You may be worried about the gas fumes that will be emitted during combustion of the propane, but that should not be a bother since you can install vents that are made of stainless steel to contain the fumes properly. This is one of the tankless hot water heaters that seem to have a very high rating as it has attracted quite a number of tankless hot water heater reviews, which are positive. To be able to use it effectively, it is highly recommended that you install it at the point of use.

The Takagi tankless water heater has a temperature range setting of 99 to 167° F, which you can adjust to your desired temperature. As far as the installation goes, it does not take too much space and the fact that it weighs only 38 pounds means that you can support it with much ease. If you are looking for a dependable water heater, one that will not disappoint, then you should absolutely consider buying this particular model.

Takagi T-KJr2-IN-LP Tankless Water Heater Features

  • The Takagi tankless water heater has the capacity to generate 6.6 gallons of hot water per minute, which is enough for 3 showers simultaneously.
  • The source of fuel for this model is propane, which heats up the water quite fast and is also very economical, saving your energy costs.
  • The temperature range setting is 99° F to 167° F and you can adjust it using the digital temperature control.
  • The Takagi indoor tankless water heater is easy to install due to its light weight and compact design. In as much as you can install it anywhere, it is recommended to install it at the point of use.
  • You should make arrangements to have install 4” category III stainless steel vents to be able to contain the fumes that are emitted from the combustion of propane.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Tankless Water Heater

While the price is an essential factor to consider, there are so many other factors that you should consider when looking for the best tankless hot water heater. Here are some of the main factors to consider:

GPM – Gallons Per Minute:

This is an acronym for gallons per minute and it is a rate used to express the flow rate of a tankless hot water heater. When considering an on demand hot water heater, you should be keen to understand the GPM so that you can tell if it would be adequate for your family. Each model is indicated the GPM and it is important to note that an average shower takes about 1.5 GPM.

Water Supply Devices

GPM- Gallons per Minute

Kitchen Faucet 


Low Flow Kitchen Faucet 

1.5 – 1.8 

Bathroom Faucet 


Shower Head 

2.5 – 5.0 

Low Flow Showed Head 

1.0 – 2.0 

Washing Machine 

3.0 – 4.0 

Dish Washer 

2.0 – 3.0 

Overall Capacity:

One of the most crucial things to consider is the demand for hot water in your home. This will serve as a good guide so as to be able to pick an instant hot water heater that has the capacity to serve your family sufficiently.

Source of power:

All the tankless water heaters will have a source of power, which will heat the heat exchanger. This can either be natural gas, electricity or propane. When shopping for your tankless water heater, be sure to check what would be the source of heating.

Energy Efficiency:

Everyone wants to save up on the money that they spend and as such, when you want to buy a water heater, you should go for the one that is energy efficient. This is one of the greatest advantages with the tankless hot water heater.

Water Heater Types

Energy Efficiency Rating

Conversational Gas Storage 


Condensing Gas Storage 


Conversational Elec Storage


Elec Heat Pump Storage 


Tankless Gas 


Warranty and Price Range:

The tankless hot water heater reviews are critical as they will provide details of the warranty. You should have a budget in mind and ensure that you compare a couple of similar models so that you can find the best tankless hot water heater.

Other Features:

  • It is important to consider the mounting options and if there any special requirements for the installation of the tankless hot water heater.
  • Check the type of display that your water heater has so as to be able to read the settings effectively.
  • Consider all the features that are included on the water heater so that you can know what you are getting and if it is worth.
  • What is the temperature range of your instant hot water heater? This is quite essential so as to tell if it would be ideal for your region.
  • It is also important to consider the design and weight of the unit for installation purposes.

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Final Recommendation:

Having come this far, you must have learned a whole lot about the tankless hot water heater and this should make it easier for you to pick the ideal model. Having reviewed a couple of models earlier, we highly recommend the Ecosmart electric tankless water heater. It has a higher capacity and can serve both commercial and residential clients.

We hope this guide will help you make an informed decision. If you found this article interesting, please feel free to share it with your friends and loved ones.

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